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Our Range

As a Choices store, we stock many of Australia’s finest quality flooring products, spanning hard wearing synethetics to the best natural materials. In addition to the core range listed below, we also stock high quality cork, rugs and underlays.



With more than 10,000 carpet styles and colours available, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your taste and budget. Choose from a range of styles including plush, twist, loop and textured.

Carpet in Detail (click to expand)


Nylon is the most popular synthetic made fibre today and when treated for stain resistance, anti-static and anti-soil it performs exceptionally well as a carpet.


The "die-hard" of carpets. For value, practicality and good looks it's hard to go past Polypropylene, making it a particularly popular alternative for rental or investment properties.


Because it's natural fibre, wool is unparalleled for its quality and beauty. Warm in winter, cool in summer, wool carpets resist absorbing spills, are resilient, have a timeless appearance and will "age gracefully".

Solution Dyed

Because the Solution Dyed technology locks the colour into the very core of every fibre it means superior stain resistance, extra durability and good looks that last.

Wool Blend

Wool and synthetic fibre blend so successfully it's impossible to differentiate between the two. The end result is a range of quality carpets with enhanced stain resistance which are less expensive than wool.

Carpet Underlay

A quality foam or rubber underlay will provide increased cushioning, last longer and offer better support for the life of your carpet. It will also provide improved sound, heat and cold insulation, all for a relatively small cost.

Timber Floating Floors

If you’re looking for a classic, hard wearing and long-lasting floor, timber may just be the solution. Timber styles vary from 1-Strip to 3-Strip, depending on the look you want to create and the room space you have (see images above for an illustration of this).

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While the natural beauty of timber can certainly transform any space, the extensive selection of species and colours can be a little daunting. But don’t despair at Choices we will help you find the one that best suits your space, taste and budget.

For instance, you may like the look of an Australian timber species such as Blackbutt or Sydney Blue Gum. Or perhaps a more classic species like Oak or Beech, either way, at Choices we’ll help you find the right timber species to suit your home décor.

Of course the other beauty of timber flooring is that it’s easy to install and maintain, and the experienced team at Choices can help you there too.


Engineered/floating flooring uses real timber so the better the quality of the timber, the better quality of the finish.

Look for engineered/floating floors that are made from Australian hardwoods. They are extremely durable and last longer. By comparison, other engineered/floating floors made from Asian timbers do not have the same hardness so they will scratch and wear out faster.

The quality of the core board the timber is attached to is also important. The best quality core board will ensure your floor remains stable, lasts longer and won’t shrink or contract with changes of weather.


Vinyl stands the test of time, maintaining its good looks under heavy foot traffic. It is moisture and stain resistant, so spills just wipe away. When compared with alternative materials, vinyl is cost effective to install and economical to maintain over the life of the floor.

Vinyl in Detail (click to expand)


Versatile Vinyl. If you've been searching for a floor that's practical, stylish and contemporary, you've found it in Vinyl Flooring from Choices.

With designs ranging from vibrant colours and textures to hints of marble and timber, you will be surprised how the right Vinyl can transform the look of any room. Offering durability and style at a great price, Vinyl Flooring is the smart choice that lasts.

Vinyl comes in either tiles, sheets or planks depending on the design and style you are after.


Vinyl is easy to install and maintain; and its durability that makes it the smart choice for the heavy-duty areas in your home.

You’ll also be delighted at the underfoot comfort of cushioned vinyl.


Laminate flooring is basically a ‘photograph’ of real timber that’s been engineered onto a backing board and covered with a melamine coating. Choose laminate for a cost effective, hard wearing and attractive alternative to timber.

Laminate in Detail (click to expand)


The look of timber on a budget could be the best way to describe laminate. It mimics the natural look and richness of timber, but with the added durability and quality laminate offers.

What’s more, laminate is easy to maintain and available in many different timber designs from the light tones of oak to the rich darker tones of mahogany.

Just like timber, laminate is available in 1-Strip, 2-Strip and 3-Strip styles to cater for the look and feel you want to create.


Better quality laminates use a superior photograph which, gives a truer image of the real timber with more colour, light and shade. They have higher quality backing board to ensure it retains its shape and fits together with other boards to give you a superior finish.

Better quality laminates have a superior melamine finish, which helps the board resist scratching or damage, makes it easier to clean, and helps it retain a timeless appearance.

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